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3/7/2023 MVP Business of Parts Management
(Manchester, NH)
Collision parts sales represent 40% or more of a typical collision center’s sales volume and are critical to achieving delivery and cycle time goals. Given this contribution to the repair process and profitability, parts must be managed with structure, organization, and critical timing included in solid business processes. This seminar will focus on the key processes of ordering, receiving, storage, delivery, and returns for collision center parts. Additionally, this course identifies the key business management practices as well as lean principles for value stream management, work standardization, and ongoing improvement. 5S Workplace Organization for collision parts will be covered to introduce best practices and improvement techniques to ensure good handling of parts inventory.
3/8/2023 MVP Financial Fundamentals for Collision Success
(Manchester, NH)
4/18-4/19/2023 MVP Production & Capacity Management
(Henrietta, NY)
5/23-5/24/2023 MVP Advanced Estimating
(Windsor Locks, CT)
10/24-10/25/2023 MVP Advanced Estimating
(Henrietta, NY)